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New Features of SFLetter.com That You Should Get to Know: Time Limitation for Access

Now emails and attachments will have expiry date. Last time we wrote about how to remotely revoke access to emails after their sending. Today we look at how to set up access to protected messages and attachments by time prior to sending.

To set up time limitation, you need to select the appropriate values in the right menu, which allows you to select the time when access to your protected emails should be closed.

Thus, you can send any of your documents to recipients for preview and be sure that it will be closed at proper time even if it is open at this moment. In addition, you do not need to manually block access to every protected document that you have sent. It's quiet easy, right?

It is impossible to reopen access to closed emails. If it is necessary you need to send this email again.

This feature will soon be available for premium users.

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