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Now you can send protected emails and attachments from your corporate email address

SFLetter.com offers a new opportunity to use your own domain name in the email address for outgoing protected emails. Now you can use the name of your site, for example @mycompany.com, instead of @sfletter.com

Your own domain name for business correspondence:

  • helps your customers to remember your email address and site;
  • increases the prestige of your company and your name on the market;
  • inspires trust to your business partners and customers.

The feature is available for users of the new Business account that is specially designed for corporate use.

Advantages of the Business account over the Basic account:

  • Revoke access to sent emails.
  • Time based access limitation to emails.
  • Managing the ability to read emails offline.
  • Extended list of non-editable file formats for protection: PDF, JPEG / JPG, DOC (X), XLS (X), RTF, PNG, GIF.
  • Unlimited number of protected attachments per single email.*
  • Unlimited number of recipients per single email.*
  • Increased mailbox storage up to 200GB for emails and attachments.

* Determined by the settings of the mail server to prevent spamming

To use this feature, you will need::

  • Add MX-records of the SFLetter.com mail server to your domain DNS zone.
  • Configure SPF-records for the SFLetter.com mail server in your domain DNS zone.**
  • Configure DKIM signatures in your domain DNS zone (public key), and set a private key for signing emails on the SFLetter.com server.**

**Optionally. This is necessary to meet with modern requirements of spam protection for email services.

For further information about the new feature and its settings, please contact improve@sfletter.com

If you want to upgrade your Basic account to Business, please send a request.