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Manual Activation of Protected Email Messages and Attachments

There are cases when you cannot open and read the received protected email message or attachment due to problems with the Internet connection or restrictions within the corporate network. To successfully open a protected file you need to activate it (operates in automatic mode under normal conditions).

What should you do if you cannot do this on your device? In this case, you will need to manually activate a protected file.

When such a window appears, click Manual.

You will see the necessary information to help you activate a protected email message on a device with limited Internet access.

You should go to the proactive.star-force.com/2.0/activate.php website from any other device that has stable access to the Internet and perform the necessary actions specified in this window.

Copy and paste the serial number and hardware code by turn from the StarForce Reader activation window into the same fields on the ProActive website.

Click Get Activation Key.

The appeared key is entered in the lower field in StarForce Reader to activate the document.

Click Next. The email message is activated and can be read!

In some corporate networks, access to the ProActive site may be restricted, so to avoid to manually activate each protected email message, please contact your network administrator and ask to add the ProActive website to exclusions using the following information:

Server: proactive.star-force.com
Port: 80.