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New Features of SFLetter.com That You Should Get to Know: Increase of Mailbox Storage Size

From May there will be free and paid accounts on SFLetter.com. For Premium accounts the restriction on storage size will be changed.

You can see the size of available space in the bottom left corner on your personal account page. This icon shows the percentage of available storage space occupied by emails.

To find out available storage space, just mouse over the icon, and you can see detailed info.

If you purchased premium access for your account, the storage size for emails will increase to 200GB.

What happens if you forgot to extend a paid plan?

At the end of pay period, the size of storage back to 500MB. But do not worry:

  • all received and sent messages will remain intact (without automatic deletion)
  • you will not be available to receive new emails (sender will receive an error report from the mail server)
  • outgoing messages will be sent, but will not be stored (in the "Sent" folder)

To unblock all of the restrictions you should purchase a new period for Premium access to your account (increase storage size) or delete your unnecessary emails.