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StarForce Technologies took part in Runet Prize 2014

StarForce Technologies, a leading developer of solutions for the protection of digital information and content from unauthorized access and distribution, took part in Runet Prize with SFletter.com, a new secure cloud email service, in the "Technologies and Innovations" nomination.

SFletter.com is a unique email service that protects emails and attachments from forwarding to third parties, copying and unauthorized use. SFletter.com allows to monitor the opening of protected emails by the time and IP-address of a recipient.

Runet Prize is a national prize in the field of high technology and the Internet, celebrating outstanding achievements of leading companies in the field of information technology and electronic communications, government and community organizations, businesses, and individual leaders who have made significant contributions to the development of the Russian segment of the Internet (Runet).

Runet Prize 2014 was held for the 11th time. You can find the list of winners of Runet Prize 2014 here.