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Email for Hillary Clinton or SFLetter Out of Politics

The elections for the post of President of the United States were held, but the sea runs high. During the last stage of the presidential race, a new scandal erupted, which involves not only Hillary Clinton, but the entire White House. As you remember, a group of hackers cracked the White House servers in the middle of this year and dug a lot of interesting things. These things are leaking piece by piece to the network starting from October 8. We are talking about gigabytes of information that contains personal and business correspondence that pass through the White House servers. Anyone who feels like it can get access to this exciting penny dreadful on WikiLeaks. The new 35th part of this "whitish" correspondence was leaked a couple days ago. What does the future hold?

Along with the letters, email addresses of high-ranking officials have become known to the general public too. Perhaps these mailboxes were already locked and are not in use now, but so far we do not know, you have a chance to write to Barack Obama and ask him what is like to do nothing, or support Hillary Clinton with words that everything will be alright. The SFLetter.com team takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the published data on WikiLeaks, so do not be offended if you did not get answer.

In view of the foregoing, we took responsibility and decided to support those whose emails were made public, and came up with the name of the secret mailboxes of statesmen (and one statesperson). Alert! Top Secret!

Barack Obama

John Padesta

Hillary Clinton

John Brennan

Jake Sullivan