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How to open a protected email message
on iPhones and iPads

StarForce Reader is an app to view protected documents in SFPDF and PCDOC formats.

Download StarForce Reader for iOS devices from App Store.

When you run StarForce Reader, the app starts to scan your device to find protected documents which can be opened with the help of StarForce Reader. The documents are added to the library of the app automatically.

What to do if you received a protected email from SFLetter.com address

  1. Download the protected files on you device.
  2. Open StarForce Reader. The app finds and adds new files automatically. The new unread files have grey icons on the Home page.

  3. When you tap to open this new document activation starts. After it completes you will not be able to open this document on any other device except the one you activated.

Please get acquainted with basic controls and features of the application.


The main screen displays the list of all protected documents on your device plus usual PDF and ePub documents. It is easy to differentiate PDF/ePub and protected files: PDF/ePub files have preview thumbnail and protected files are marked with a lock icon.

To see only protected files on the screen please tab 'PROTECTED ONLY' in the upper right corner. After it there will be only SFPDF and PCDOC files in the list. Usual PDF and ePub documents will be hidden.

To switch to the full list tap this button again.

The icons of unread documents are displayed in grey color. After opening grey icons become blue.

Supported features:

  • Search for the file header.
  • Search for the file text.
  • Scale.
  • Recently viewed documents are displayed separately.
  • Association with .SFPDF, .PCDOC, .PDF, and .EPUB file formats.
  • Saving the scale and progress of reading when document is closed. Next time a reader can continue reading from the moment he or she has stopped.

For more details about StarForce Reader for iOS please visit: http://www.star-force.com/promo/starforce-reader-ios/

StarForce Reader for Windows: download.

StarForce Reader for Andoid: download.

StarForce Reader for macOS: download.