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New Features of SFLetter.com That You Should Get to Know: Revoke Access to Already Sent Emails

The "Deny access" function for sent protected messages and attachments soon will be available for Premium users. This function allows you to revoke access to email messages (no matter viewed or not).

To deny access, you should select a desired message in the "Sent" folder and click on the "Deny access".

After that, the recipient will not be able to open and view a protected email message and attached files. At the same time, this message will be marked with a special symbol, and the "Deny access" function will be unavailable.

How does it work?

When a recipient clicks to open a protected document, the SFLetter viewer program that is installed on the recipient's PC asks the server for approved access. If access is granted the documents is opened. During the work with the document, the viewer program asks the server every 5 minutes. And if it turns out that access is revoked the recipient gets a relevant message and the document will be closed. The sender can't reopen the access after revocation. In that case, he needs to send an email again.

!Please note that the "Deny access" function may fail if the sender has allowed offline viewing.

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