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StarForce Reader for macOS is Finally Here!

Now you and your recipients can open protected messages and attachments on computers running Apple macOS. The long-awaited update of the viewer program is already available for download!

Main benefits

  • Easy navigation and document scaling.
  • Quick search on titles and text of the protected documents.
  • Last reading point memory helps to open the protected document at the same position after closing.
  • Support of usual PDF and ePub documents.

Key elements

Menu File:

  • Open - to view a document with the following extensions: .SFPDF, .PCDOC, .PDF, .EPUB
  • Close - to close the current document.
  • Recently opened documents.

'Print', 'Reactivation', and 'Deactivation' options are not available for messages and attachments created with SFLetter.com.

StarForce Reader has a standard interface with scaling buttons (Adjust Width, Fit Page, Zoom In, Zoom Out), 'Previous/Next page' and 'Search' buttons.

When you open the document for the first time, the viewer sets the scale of the document to 100% (if the document's width fits the whole screen) or to 'Adjust width' (the width of the first page is applied). The viewer stores the zoom factor for each of the documents and applies it when you open a document next time.

Clicking shows/hides the search box with 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.

Activating a protected document

Activation runs automatically when you open a protected file for the first time. You don't need to enter any data. Activation binds protected files to the software and hardware configuration of your computer. It will be impossible to open this file on another device in the future.

Supported operation systems:

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra

StarForce Reader for Windows: download.

StarForce Reader for Andoid: download.

StarForce Reader for iOS: download.