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StarForce Reader for Windows Update

StarForce Reader is a viewer program developed by StarForce Technologies to open files in SFPDF and PCDOC formats. It allows to search and scale the document. StarForce Reader manages the access and provides protection against Print Screen and other screen grabbers.

Detailed review of StarForce Reader for Windows

StarForce Reader has extended its functionality after StarForce Protection System Update. The improvements are the following:

  • The user interface has new buttons: 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out'.
  • The zoom factor of a document is saved and applied when the document is opened next time.
  • When the viewer opens a protected document for the first time, it sets the scale of the document to 100% (if the document's width fits the whole screen) or to 'Adjust width'.
  • Now you can select in the settings what the default scale of the document will be when the document is opened for the first time ('Adjust width' or 100%).
  • The list of banned grabbers is extended (new versions of the blacklisted software are added to the list as well).

StarForce Reader for Andoid: download.

StarForce Reader for iOS: download.

StarForce Reader for macOS: download.

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