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New Features of SFLetter.com That You Should Get to Know: Offline Access to Sent Emails

Premium account makes it possible for users to manage the settings of offline viewing for outgoing messages. The bottom line is that a sender can allow or deny access to a protected message and/or attachments if a recipient has no internet connection and can't contact with the controlling server.

How does this option work?

When you create an email message, on the right side you can see settings for outgoing messages.

By default, in Premium account the service prohibits to open protected message and/or attachments without internet connection. It allows a high degree of controllability, because you can revoke access to sent messages at any time.

But if you need to provide guaranteed access to protected files to a recipient with any internet connection status, you can always do it by putting a tick in front of the required field. Please note that in the offline access mode it can be difficult to revoke access to sent messages.

!After sending a protected message, you will not be able to change the settings of offline viewing.

If you have an idea how to improve our service please share it with us or vote for ideas of other users.