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New Features of SFLetter.com That You Should Get to Know: Status Report for Sent Emails

Now detailed information about protected emails that you have sent is available for you by clicking Opening history. Please note that this status report is available only for emails and attachments that came through protection procedure.

To get a status report, you should enter Opening history. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Select in the "Sent" folder a desired email and click on the "Opening History" icon in the top menu.
  2. Select in the "Sent" folder a desired email message and click on the "Opening history" icon in front of this message.

What information is available on Opening history page?

In addition to standard information such as a recipient's email and IP address, the opening time and result, it will be possible to see the following details protected messages and attachments:

  1. What you protected - a message body and / or an attachment.
  2. The status of access to the e-mail message. If access is closed, the status changes to "disabled". You can learn how to change the status of protected message in our last articles dealing the automatic and manual methods to revoke access.
  3. If you set a timer to close access to the protected email message before sending, then in the "Time limitations" line you will see a specific time or date of revoking.
  4. If you have revoked access to sent message, it is displayed too.
  5. By default, the service does not allow to recipients to view protected messages and attachments without internet connection. However, the sender may open an offline access to the recipient if necessary.

If you have an idea how to improve our service please share it with us or vote for ideas of other users.