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StarForce Technologies, is an expert in the field of protection of digital information and software against leakage, copying, hacking and unauthorized use. The company develops and implements state-of-the-art technology solutions to provide protection against hackers, insiders and computer fraud.

Currently, StarForce Technologies is among the top three leaders of global market in development of copy protection solutions. Our technologies are implemented at companies like Corel, Access Business Group, ATC International, Comco, IMB, MagnaMedia, SiMi, Transas, –°ertifiable.com, Russian Railways, 1C, Mail.ru, Aeroflot, SUN InBev Russia, AMD Laboratories, MediaHouse, Russobit M, New Disc, Buka, Snowball, 2Play, GFI, CENEGA, Akella and in many others.

StarForce Technologies Milestones


The company’s foundation. StarForce specialists developed a unique technology to protect digital information with binding to disks.


Entry into international market and the first foreign customers. Paris office is opened.


60 million CDs with StarForce's protection have been sold worldwide.


Launch of the DRM-system, which allows protecting digital content distributed via the Internet with binding to a computer. StarForce product line is expanded. StarForce Technologies entered the corporate market of the electronic document protection.


Launch of two cloud services: email protection (www.sfletter.com) and protection of PDF files (www.sfcontent.com).


Development of StarForce Reader to view protected emails and documents on Android and iOS devices.


StarForce Reader for macOS became available. SMTP and IMAP protocols were launched for every user.

StarForce Solutions

  • StarForce Content Enterprise

    Reliable solution to protect confidential documents outside the perimeter of the company's information system.

    • Distribution of documents on any media and over the Internet;
    • Flexible rights management system;
    • BYOD support.
  • StarForce E-m@il Enterprise

    Product intended for use in a corporate network. It allows enterprises to send protected emails using a standard email client.

    • Protection against eavesdropping;
    • Protection against sending to third parties;
    • Protection against unauthorized use of attachments.
  • StarForce DRM

    Online service that provides protection for copyright and intellectual property rights against illegal copying and distribution.

    • Content protection with binding to a PC or an optical disc;
    • Collection of statistical data about activations to check the volume of sales;
    • Convenient GUI.

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