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How to Send Protected Bulk Emails via a SFLetter.com Account

Method #1. Simple addition of recipients.

The first and easiest way to send protected bulk emails from your account. Just add multiple recipients in the address bar and send a message. A distinctive feature is that each email message is being sent individually, and the recipient can't see the other recipients upon receipt of the protected message.

Adding email addresses of up to 5 recipients in the address bar of a message is available to all users for free.

Users of the paid Premium and Business accounts can add the maximum possible number* of recipients (*determined by the settings of the email server).

Sending bulk emails using your own domain name is available to Business account users. So instead of @sfletter.com you can use your personal domain, for example, @mydomain.ru.

Bulk email with your own domain name

Method #2. Linking a mailing list to an email address.

There is another, more interesting way to send bulk emails. In this case you need to link an already created mailing list to a specific email address.

For example, you create a new mailbox on SFLetter.com - - news@sfletter.com. After this you can upload a mailing list through the web interface. Finally you can prepare a bulk email (for example a newsletter) and send it to the new mailbox - news@sfletter.com. The service automatically sends the protected message to the recipients in the earlier uploaded mailing list. Sending is done individually to each recipient.

Bulk email with mailing list

Method #3. Using SMTP.

At the moment we are working on adding support for this method. SMTP support will allow you to use any convenient client or service to send out protected bulk emails.

If you want to learn more about the second and third methods, please contact us via email - improve@sfletter.com.